Great Stories, Great Storytellers

Stratford Productions, Inc. brings stories, storytellers and audiences together. In both scripted and unscripted projects for film or television, we strive to shine a light on unique people, places and events.

Working with some of the top production companies, networks and studios in the industry, we develop and place content where it will have the best audience, exposure and critical response.

Compelling Characters

We are connectors. We connect audiences with interesting characters that deliver engaging content. We are always on the lookout for compelling characters to showcase. Know of someone. Let us know!

Historical Subjects

We’re passionate about the history, places, people, and events from the recent past. We’re especially excited about bringing to life unknown characters and their impact on our culture, the arts and American history.

Iconic Locations

Our team has a long history of shining a light on iconic places.  One of our favorite challenges is researching and crafting the untold stories of the places that help define who we are as a society.

Stratford Productions